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A collaboration and temporary exhibition



February 2 - 28, 2024

Studio Six, 3021 Paseo St. Oklahoma City OK 73103

OPEN Tuesday-Saturdays 12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.



The Dream

Asleep on the hospital couch one afternoon, a phrase popped into my head, and it encouraged me during a difficult time. My son has complex medical needs, and much of my time is spent by his side.

In the Summer of 2023, I reached out via social and was surprised to receive 50 friends and acquaintances eager to participate in a collaboration I'd dreamt up.


The Idea

 I cut out letters from the phrase and mailed each of them to my collaborators. A fun twist is that none of my collaborators know the phrase. I encouraged them to work their magic on their letter- dip it, dye it, sew it, paint it, you name it. Once I received all of the letters, I would assemble the phrase and add my details as well.



The Process

During this time, our family was discharged from the hospital and we began to find our new routine. Opening my front door to find packages with letters inside sometimes was the best part of my day.  This also lit a fire inside me to get back to the studio and get creating.


The Result

The phrase has been assembled. The works have been photographed, but simply sharing these important works of art via social didn't feel right.


On display at Studio Six in the Paseo Arts District in Oklahoma City February 2-28, 2024.

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